The idea of founding the group wandered in the minds of the members during the summer 2009, but finally it was realised when the drummer KONSTRUK-THOR (Alex Folk Drummer) left his previous band. TEUFELSTANZ appeared on the same day. Well-known and experienced on folk stages, musicians as JAROZ (Los Burros Enamorados), KONSTRUK-THOR (ex-Noio Hel, ex-The Origin Ensemble, ex-Os Camrades, ex-Cerritus Ballare) and the young folk-hero piper ALEXANDER took part in the new project.

After some street performances, the "great and horrible" bagpiper Bergtroll (Nasledie Vagantov, Dudeldrum, ex-Os Camrades), Minoss(Nasledie Vagantov, Dudeldrum, Svarga), a second piper, and the drummer Hippann (Nasledie Vagantov, Dudeldrum) joined the band.

Productive cooperation with the musicians of the "Nasledie Vagantov" ended in the end of February 2010 when they left the band, deciding to promote their own project "DUDELDRUM".

Guitarist IO joined the band in April 2010. He played bouzouki. The band had many concerts. But apparently something was missing... And that "something" was a new member, URXU, who played the bass and the drums. At the end of August 2010 guitarist IO left the band for personal reasons.

The history will continue...



(bagpipes, shawms)


(vocal, acoustic guitar, djembe)


(bagpipes, back-vocal)


(davul, percussion)


(bagpipes, flute, back-vocal)


(trommel, hammered dulcimer)