Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya

When on the road to sweet Athy, (Hurroo! Hurroo!)
A stick in the hand, a drop in the eye,
A doleful damsel I heard cry:
"Johnny, I hardly knew ya!"

"Where are the eyes that looked so mild? (Hurroo! Hurroo!)
When my poor heart you first beguiled?
Why did you run from me and the child?
Johnny, I hardly knew ya!"

"We had guns and drums and drums and guns. (Hurroo! Hurroo!)
The enemy never slew ya,
Johnny, I hardly knew ya!"

"Where are the legs with which you run? (Hurroo! Hurroo!)
When first you went to carry a gun?
Indeed, your dancing days are done!
Johnny, I hardly knew ya!"

"You hadn't an arm, you hadn't a leg, (Hurroo! Hurroo!)
You're a spinless, boneless, chickenless egg;
You'll have to be put with the bowl to beg:
Johnny, I hardly knew ya!"

"I'm happy for to see ya home, (Hurroo! Hurroo!)
From the Isle of Ceylon."
"Johnny, I hardly knew ya!"

(music and lyrics: trad. Irish, 19th century)

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